Established in 1980 with humble beginnings in a garage, Merlino Furniture proudly carries the family name. Under the visionary leadership of Director Ross Merlino, the company embarked on its journey by importing Marcel Breuer chairs, and introducing them to the vibrant Perth marketplace. Recognizing the need for exceptional furniture, Ross expanded the range, eventually moving to the company’s first warehouse.

Today, Merlino Furniture flourishes, boasting a remarkable 66,000 square feet showroom. Ross’s unwavering passion and dedication continue to propel the business forward, complemented by a remarkable team, including his two daughters Leah as the Creative Director and Lara as an Interior Design Specialist. This dynamic trio shapes the company’s success, solidifying its position as a premier destination for exquisite furniture.

At Merlino Furniture, our Italian heritage is proudly reflected in our showroom where we share a touch of Italian beauty in every piece that we select. We invite you to immerse yourself in our world, where craftsmanship and timeless beauty converge. Explore our exceptional ranges and witness the culmination of hard work, family values, and the enduring legacy that defines us.

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Our team brings decades of experience across furniture design, import and sales.

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