Amond Dining Table

The Amond table stems from the designer Gino Carollo’s desire to create a strong contrast between the base and the table top, while still retaining a great sense of formal and aesthetic balance. The contrast between the extra thick table top and the base, which is characterized by the absence of filled volumes, creates the illusion of a suspended table top, while at the same time maintaining perfect harmony. The diamond-shaped base conveys a sense of light weight and sophistication and it is available in metal, painted in a variety of shades or with copper, brass or pickled finish; the table top is in wood, glass or ceramic.

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2500W x 1000D x 750H


An original fixed table

distinguished by the base which

is available in painted metal

or with an extra charge with

brass, copper, pickled metal

finish or polished steel. The top

is available in veneered wood,

wood with natural edges, glass

or ceramic.Download Product Details