Amond Console Table

The Amond console designed by Gino Carollo for Bonaldo is part of the same family of the Amond table. As in the table, the console is characterized by an elegant game of contrasts between the wooden top and the metal base, which is distinguished by the absence of block volumes. Indeed, it is this alternation of filled volumes and voids that gives the impression of a base suspended in mid-air, conveying a sense of lightness. Thanks to its simplicity and elegance, the Amond console is extremely versatile and it is ideal for any room in the home.

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160 (L) x 75 (H) 180 (L) x 75 (H) 200 (L) x 75 (H) 250 (L) x 75 (H)


An original console
distinguished by the base which
is available in painted metal or
with an extra charge with brass,
copper or pickled metal finish
or polished steel. The top is
available in veneered wood or
ceramic.Download Product Details